Flatpick Guitar Tablature

and WAV & MP3 Sound Files

Click a song in the left-hand column to see the tablature. The tablature is in ASCII format, so you can save it and print it. I've written a brief explanation of how tablature works, for those who are not familiar with it.

The center column has links for WAV versions of the songs, while the right-hand column has MP3 versions.

The WAV files range in size from about 120K to 390K, so they take some time to download. If you get an audio window that doesn't seem to be doing anything, be patient. Leave it open and go do something else for a few minutes. The MP3 files are smaller and download faster, but require software to listen to them. (iTunes is part of the newer Mac systems.)

I tend not to play anything exactly the same way twice, so there are mismatches between the songs as written and as played. This is due to lack of skill, rather than any deep philosophical reason.

As far as I'm concerned, all the links from this page may be freely downloaded and distributed. Just be aware that some of the tunes are copyrighted, so they will require royalty payments if they are published for profit.

I recorded the songs right at my desk, on my Macintosh. I'm very grateful to Greg Hyde of Assimilated Multimedia for his help in reducing the size of the sound files, increasing the volume, and generally cleaning them up. If you need a creative consultant, check out his Web page.

I've also posted a lot of tabs that were posted to the FLATPICK-L mail list. These tabs do not have sound files.

Fiddle and Banjo Tunes:

Arkansas Traveler TAB  Arkansas Traveler WAV (258K)  Arkansas Traveler MP3 (140K)
 Big Mon TAB  Big Mon WAV (255K)  Big Mon MP3 (140K)
 Bill Cheatham TAB  Bill Cheatham WAV (277K)  Bill Cheatham MP3 (152K)
 Billy in the Lowground TAB  Billy in the Lowground WAV (300K)  Billy in the Lowground MP3 (164K)
 Dear Old Dixie TAB  Dear Old Dixie WAV (233K)  Dear Old Dixie MP3 (128K)
 Ducks on the Pond TAB  Ducks on the Pond WAV (336K)  Ducks on the Pond MP3 (184K)
 Fisher's Hornpipe TAB  Fisher's Hornpipe WAV (279K)  Fisher's Hornpipe MP3 (148K)
 Huckleberry Hornpipe TAB  Huckleberry Hornpipe WAV (387K)  Huckleberry Hornpipe MP3 (212K)
 Miller's Reel TAB  Miller's Reel WAV (293K)  Miller's Reel MP3 (160K)
 Salt Creek TAB  Salt Creek WAV (241K)  Salt Creek MP3 (132K)
 Santa Anna's Retreat TAB  Santa Anna's Retreat WAV (274K)  Santa Anna's Retreat MP3 (148K)
 Santa Claus TAB  Santa Claus WAV (254K)  Santa Claus MP3 (140K)
 Soldier's Joy (1) TAB  Soldier's Joy (1) WAV (277K)  Soldier's Joy (1) MP3 (152K)
 Soldier's Joy (2) TAB  Soldier's Joy (2) WAV (274K)  Soldier's Joy (2) MP3 (148K)
 Turkey in the Straw TAB  Turkey in the Straw WAV (241K)  Turkey in the Straw MP3 (132K)

Breaks to Songs:

Blue Ridge Cabin Home TAB  Blue Ridge Cabin Home WAV (170K)  Blue Ridge Cabin Home MP3 (170K)
 Cryin' Holy TAB  Cryin' Holy WAV (119K)  Cryin' Holy MP3 (119K)
 The Fields Have Turned Brown TAB  The Fields Have Turned Brown WAV (120K)  The Fields Have Turned Brown MP3 (120K)
 My Little Georgia Rose TAB My Little Georgia Rose WAV (145K)
My Little Georgia Rose MP3 (78K)

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