iData Pro 5 Applications

The following versions of iData Pro 5 have been released as of July 18, 2023.

Click one of the following links to download a version that is compatible with the macOS version on your Mac.
macOS Version
App Name
10.10 thru 10.12
iData Pro 5.0.01
10.13 thru 10.15
iData Pro 5.1.01
11.0 thru 11.6
iData Pro 5.2.02
12.0 thru 13.2
iData Pro 5.3.02

12.0 thru 13.3 iData Pro 5.4.05

Something New For Syncing With iData Pro 5.4

Various versions of
iData Pro 5 and iData Mobile Plus are no longer able to use either
WiFi or Dropbox to synchronize datafiles between the Mac and the iPhone or iPad.
 If you are running macOS 12.0 or later, and iOS 15.2 or later, you will be able to:

    1.  Download iData Pro 5.4.05 (or later), above.

    2.In the Apple App Store, update iData Mobile Plus to version 1.1.16 (or later) on your iPhone and/or iPad.

    3. Use a USB cable connection to copy datafiles from the Public section of the Datafiles list in iData Mobile Plus 1.1.16 from the iPhone or iPad to the Mac Finder.

   4. Use iData Pro 5.4.02 (or later) to synchronize the copied datafiles and the corresponding datafiles that live on the Mac.

    5. When synchronization is completed on the Mac, the synchronized datafiles can be copied back to iData Mobile Plus 1.1.16 on the iPhone or iPad.

Check out the iData Pro 5.4 User Guide article on sychronization.

Please report any problems with the release versions. I can be contacted using the Email iData Partners menu item in the Help menu of the iData Pro apps. When reporting problems, please include the app version and your macOS version.