Copying iData Pro 4 Folders to Apple Notes

Because we cannot predict when a new version of Mac OS will cause iData Pro 4 to stop working, you should:

1. Copy all of your important datafiles to Notes format immediately. There is no need to stop using iData Pro 4 as long as it keeps working.

2. Re-copy any changed datafiles prior to upgrading to Mac OS 11 (Big Sur) or later.

3. If a new version of Mac OS causes iData Pro 4 to behave oddly, consider just using Notes -- or at least make frequent backup copies of your datafiles.

Here are the procedures for copying a datafile as a folder of RTFD files, and then importing that folder into Notes.

This is not an ideal solution -- especially if you synchronize datafiles between iData Pro 4 and iData Mobile Plus, but at least your data will be accessible.

1. Sample Field Datafile In iData Pro 4

2. Selected File > Export As > Folder of RTFD Files…

    Save As: defaults to <name of datafile> plus “Folder”
    Where: defaults to the Documents folder. (I don’t use Tags:.)

    Click Export when done.


3. Switch to Apple Notes and select Notes under On My Mac.

elect File > Import to Notes….

    Select the Documents folder in the popup menu.

    Select the folder to import.

    Be sure that the Preserve folder structure on import checkbox is checked.

    Click the Import button.

4. When the Import to Notes? dialog comes up, click the Import Notes button.

5. In the first column, click the reveal triangle under Imported Notes to see your imported folder, then select the folder name.

    The second column shows the first field (or line) in bold, and the second field (or line) in gray. 

    Select records by clicking them in the second column. Edit them by clicking in the third column.

6.When you import another folder, Notes creates a new Imported Notes folder with a number:


7. You can drag a folder from, for example, Imported Notes 1 to Imported Notes.


8. Then you can delete the now-empty Imported Notes 1 folder by selecting it in the menu, clicking the gray circle with three dots in it, and selecting Delete Folder.


9. You can even rename Imported Notes to Imported Datafiles by selecting Rename Folder in the same menu and retyping the folder name.


   Just click outside of the folder name line to finalize the name change.


10. If this works for you, you can repeat the entire process after selecting Notes under iCloud. This will give you identical copies on iCloud.

    Since it is not possible to synchronize between the two copies, you may want to just work with the iCloud versions, keeping the On My Mac versions for backup.

11. If you  have any problems with these procedures, feel free to contact me using the Email iData Partners menu item under the iData Pro 4 Help menu.