iData Pro Menu – Preferences


Note: The preference settings affect all datafiles.

Automatically check for updates when you have a network connection

If you would like to notified when updates to iData Pro become available, enable this preference. These updates may include bug fixes and minor enhancements, and will be available without charge to purchasers of iData Pro. So, we encourage you to enable automatic update checking. Use the popup menu below this option to specify how often automatic checking should be done.

Desired releases:

If you are interested in knowing when new public beta releases become available, select Beta & General Releases in the popup menu. Otherwise, select Only General Releases. (Public beta releases are extremely rare.)

Check Now

Click this button to check for updates right away.

Restore Factory Settings

Clicking this button will set all Updates Preferences to the default settings that came with iData Pro. This button will only affect Updates Preferences.

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