iData Pro Menu Preferences

Note: The preference settings affect all datafiles.

When the Modem pane is first selected in the Preferences dialog, iData Pro asks the System for information on all modems connected to your Mac. The System may take some time to respond, so you will see the following window for up to a minute.

If iData Pro does not find a compatible modem connected to your Mac, the following window will appear:

Once all modem information has been gathered, the window will appear as follows:

Choose Modem

This popup menu will list all modems connected to your Mac. In most cases you will just have an internal modem. If you have other modems connected you can choose which to use for dialing phone numbers with iData Pro. We use a Zoom USB external modem because it responds faster than the Apple internal modem. It cuts several seconds off the time before dialing occurs. If you use a modem for a dial-up connection to the internet, and you have a separate phone line for voice calls, a second modem will allow you to dial through iData Pro while connected to the internet.

The modem should be connected to the phone line you use for making voice calls. Some phones have a port for connecting answering machines or fax machines. The modem can be connected though this port in the phone. If your phone doesn't have such a port, you can use a phone line Y-connector, or "splitter". They are available at most electronic stores that have phone supplies.

Dialing Delay

This number determines how long iData Pro will wait before hanging up the modem. If you find that iData Pro has hung up before you can pick up the phone, increase the number. If you continue to hear your conversation through the Mac speakers for too long, lower the number. The default is 125. Some people like to pick up the phone after iData Pro has completed dialing so they don't have the dialing tones blasted into their ear. For them, 150 works well. The number has to be between 1 and 250.

Start Calls With

If you don't know what this is you can probably leave it set to "atdt". It is a code sent to the modem to initiate the dialing process. If you have an unusual situation with your modem of phone line, you can delve into the depths of your modem's technical manual and change the call initialization code here.

End Calls With

Like "atdt", "ath" is a standard modem code. It hangs up the line. If iData Pro does not hang up the modem after a phone number is dialed, check with your modem manual and use the command it likes.

Restore Factory Settings

Clicking this button will set all Modem Preferences to the default setting that came with iData Pro. This button will only affect Modem Preferences.

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