Getting Started With iData Pro


We have attempted to organize the Tutorial in such a way as to reduce the difficulty of learning the basics of iData Pro functionality. If you have any suggestions, or if you note any errors or inconsistencies, please let us know. You can contact us by selecting E-mail iData Partners in the iData Pro Help menu.

The Tutorial is broken down into four sections. The topics covered by each section are listed following the the section links, below.

Tutorial Topics

iData Pro Basics (Including Version Information)
    The History of iData Pro
    How Do the Various Versions Relate to Each Other?
    Entering Your Serial Number
    iData Pro File Types
    File Locations
    iData Pro Preferences
    Opening Your QuickDEX, InfoGenie, and Older iData Files in iData Pro

Datafile Basics

    Datafile Structure
    Datafile Organization
    Why Use Fields?
    The Datafile Window
    Resizing the Fields and Freeform Text Areas
    Creating a New Datafiile
    Adding Records to a Datafile
    Deleting Records from a Datafile
    Selecting a Subset of Records for Viewing
    Sorting a Datafile
    Moving Among Records
    Linking Between Records
    Finding Your Information in a Datafile
    Printing Your Datafile Records
    Datafile Settings

Label and Envelope Basics
    How Label and Envelope Template Files Are Stored
    How Label and Envelope Templates Work
    Specifying an Address Block for a Datafile
    Using Templates That Are Provided With iData Pro
    Modifying Existing Templates
    Creating New Templates
    Printing Batch Envelopes and Labels
    Printing Individual Envelopes and Labels

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