Entering iData Pro Serial Numbers

When you purchase iData Pro, you will receive an email entitled "Thanks for your purchase" from Kagi(SM). That message will include your iData Pro 4 serial number. (iData Pro 4 serial numbers start with IDP4-, followed by three groups of four digits, separated by hyphens.)

After purchasing an iData Pro serial number, if you have run iData Pro before (as a demo, for instance), you may not see the serial number entry window right away. In that case, iData provides a way for you to bring it up whenever you like.

Here's how to enter your new serial number in iData Pro:

         1. Select License... under the iData Pro menu. This will bring up the following window. The message at the top will vary according to how many days iData had been used prior to bringing up the License window.

         2. Enter your name in the Licensed Name: text field. iData Pro doesn't currently use your name for any particular purpose, so you can enter anything you like here.

         3. Enter your serial number in the Serial Number: text field. (iData Pro 4 serial numbers start with IDP4-, followed by three groups of four digits, separated by hyphens.)

         4. Click the Add License button, and the Entered, Kind, and Licensed Name columns in the upper field will display the appropriate information.

If you have any trouble pasting your serial number into its text field after copying it from an email message, try just typing it in. It seems that some email styles may interfere with copying, and it's also easy to pick up extraneous space characters that will interfere with iData's processing of the serial number.

Once you have successfully added a license, the License... item under the iData Pro menu will be disabled. If you move the iData Pro application to a different hard drive, or if you reformat your current hard drive and have to reinstall iData Pro, you will have to re-enter your serial number, as well.

As you can see, if you don't already have a serial number for iData Pro, you can click the Buy License... button to go to the iData Web site to get one. You can also select iData Orders from the Help menu.

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