File Menu - Import Sub-Menu
iData 2 Datafiles Folder

If you have not yet imported all of your iData 2 datafiles and templates into iData Pro, you may do so as follows:

         1. Select iData 2 Datafiles Folder... from the Import sub-menu, under the File menu. The following dialog will open.

         2. Click the Import iData 2 Files button. A progress dialog will open, showing how many files have been imported.

         3. When this dialog closes, the import process is complete.

This function imports datafiles from your  iData 2 Datafiles folder, and templates from your  iData 2 Templates folder, and saves them to the corresponding iData Pro folders. Datafile names remain the same, except that the .idata file name extension used by iData 2 is changed to id3.

If your iData 2 folders contain any sub-folders, those will also be copied.

This function will not replace any files that already exist in your iData Pro folders.

This function is designed to make it easy to import your datafiles from an existing iData 2 Datafiles folder. If that folder cannot be found nothing will be imported.

If you later need to import individual iData 2 datafiles, select iData 2 Datafile... in the same menu. Since the template file format has not changed, you can simply drag templates into the iData Pro Templates folder. (There is also a function to export an iData Pro datafile as an iData 2 datafile.)

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